Drainage Repair

Drainage Repair

Excess or standing water can choke the vegetation on your property and over time, runoff issues will present. Proper drainage means that your soil is aerated—standing or excess water creates the conditions for soil slippage, nutrient loss, and ultimately promotes washouts and other forms of water damage. 

Drainage Repair Services Offered

Installation of French Drains

A way of redirecting surface and groundwater. French Drains involve the use of gravel or rock-filled trenches with the use of perforated pipes to redirect water. Titan Erosion Control will assess and come up with the best possible drainage plan for your property.

Downspout Extensions

Addressing issues of erosion related to roof drainage can be imperative to protecting the foundation and structural integrity of the structures on your property. Well-thought-out downspout extensions drain and direct the water from gutters away from buildings, and the proper use of gravel to reinforce existing downspouts can help prevent damage.

Low-Lying/Settled Area Repair

Uneven and low areas on your property need to be addressed because water can pool and collect in them. Repairing these issues as they arise will help combat erosion.

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