Erosion & Sediment Control

Erosion & Sediment Control

Erosion and sediment control protects your investments as well as the environment. Titan Erosion control recognizes the importance of preserving the integrity of your property for years to come—which means not only maintaining the structures on your land but the land itself. Why is this so important? Over time, the ability of topsoil to hold nutrients and mitigate/regulate water flow diminishes. 


The importance of tackling erosion issues both during construction as well as with the active maintenance of a property cannot be overstated. Erosion and sediment can have a massive impact on the ecology—especially during the construction phase where erosion and runoff can potentially pose a major threat to the health of wildlife as well as surrounding communities. Construction sites often use toxic chemicals that can become major water pollutants without the proper precautions. 


Erosion Control Services Offered

Repair Washouts

Washouts can lead to the degradation of the foundation of the structures on your property. Not addressing issues with washouts on your land can lead to sinking/tilting and uneven surfaces as well as leave your property vulnerable to flooding and serious damage. 

SWMP and SWPPP Maintenance

Whether you’re in the construction phase or you are working to upkeep your property and structures, Titan Erosion Control can help you create and implement a Storm Water Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and help with the upkeep and continual assessment of environmental impacts through the establishment and execution of a Storm Water Maintenance Plan (SWMP). 

Sod Installation

Proper sod installation is important to ensure adequate irrigation and can help promote healthy growth. Not only can sod installation help beautify your lawn, it goes a long way in helping to control dust, mud, and erosion and provides some protection against runoff issues. 


A method used to seed, fertilize, and add mulch to your soil simultaneously,

Construction Entrances

For sites where construction is active, it is important to reduce the potential for the spread of contaminants via roadways (vehicle traffic on-and-off site).

Silt fence, super silt fence, orange fence installation

Used to prevent silt movement on your property, installing a silt fence, super silt fence, or orange fencing can help prevent silt movement caused by water flow or wind. Specifically, the goal of these fences is to help prevent sediment from moving into waterways and lessen runoff into storm drainage systems.

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